Crime Scene Clean-up Los Angeles

Crime scene cleanup business is a form of business that involves removing the remains of bodies from scenes of crimes. While college education may not be a requirement for starting such a business, certification from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is necessary as crime clean-up involves handling hazardous materials. You also need to obtain a license for the business, register the business, acquire the equipment needed to cleaning up crime scenes and advertise your business.


To obtain certification in handling hazardous materials, you need to complete an OSHA training, which equips you with the knowledge and skills required in collecting and discarding the materials. In addition to the training, you may be necessary to undertake an additional training depending on the requirements of your local police and health departments. Be sure to seek information about this extra training from the departments.


License Acquisition and Business Registration

To obtain the license, apply to the authority concerned. Before submitting your application, seek information about the licensing requirements and modalities from your county clerk’s office or local small business administration office. At this point, it’s also crucial to apply for your employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. The number will help you in completing any business documents and tax forms. As for the registration, you need to file necessary documents with the secretary of state. Inquire from his office about the registration requirements if you’re not sure. The secretary of state issues you with a certificate of registration after verifying that your business meets all the requirements. You may have to pay the registration fee before the issuance.

Equipment and Advertisement

The crime scene cleanup business equipment list includes hazardous material suits, dust masks, protective boots, shovels, respirators and safety glasses. Plastic gloves, a van, and chemical cleaning products are necessary too. To market the business, inform your police and health departments, funeral homes and other potential customers about the services of your business.

Although crime scene cleanup business may be lucrative, it’s crucial to ensure it. Crime¬†cushions the business against any losses due to possible lawsuits and damages.